Microsoft’s Digital Assistant is Out of Cortana Beta


Digital assistants have been in our lives for a while and make our lives much easier. One of these assistants is Microsoft’s Cortana. Cortana has been in beta for a while, but has been out of beta with the latest update.

As technology advances, voice assistants join our lives. Many companies attach great importance to the production of assistants with artificial intelligence. In fact, it is normal for companies to give a high degree of importance to artificial intelligence assistants because these assistants make our lives much easier. One of the assistants who can easily do many of our jobs is Microsoft’s Cortana.

Microsoft has updated its digital assistant Cortana, which has been in beta for some time. Coming out of the beta version with Windows 10 2004 version, Cortana is equipped with many functional features. Featuring new features, Cortana seems to be one of the best ways to save time. Microsoft’s update description is as follows:

“Cortana, your personal productivity assistant helps you find what’s important and save time. Type or speak in your native language to connect with people, manage your schedule, find a free time, set reminders, add tasks and more. You can also find local information , you can get definitions and follow the latest news, weather, financial updates. ”

Microsoft gave some examples in the rest of the statement. For the best experience, he shared only a few of the questions we could ask Cortana, saying sign in with your work or school account and try these sentences:

Am I empty now?
Find a time to talk to someone about the topic?
Join my meeting.
Remind me to work at this time.
Change the brightness.

You can take advantage of these sentences by replacing the ambiguous information in these sentence examples from Microsoft.

Screenshots of Cortana came:
Some screenshots were also shared with Microsoft releasing Cortana from the beta version. In the shared screenshot, Cortana is asked who Alex is, Cortana replies, “I’m working on it now.” Then, a person presents his business card to his user.


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