Microsoft’s Defender App Comes to iOS and Android


Microsoft announced that the security application named Defender will be offered to Android and iOS operating system. The company will launch Defender, developed for mobile platforms, at the end of the year. The preview version of the application will be revealed at the RSA Conference.

US-based technology giant Microsoft has attached great importance to its own security application Defender in recent years. This application comes pre-installed on Windows and ensures the security of your computer in the background. As a Windows user for many years, I have been using Windows Defender since the day it was released and I can clearly state that I do not need any other antivirus program to date.

Microsoft has also made serious changes to the applications it has developed for mobile platforms in recent years. While the company recently changed its interface in the iOS version of Office apps, it has combined all apps for Android into one rooftop app. Now, Microsoft is preparing to introduce the security application Defender to mobile platforms.

According to the statements made by Microsoft; The Defender application prepared for mobile platforms will be launched at the end of this year. However, Microsoft will show a preview version of this application at the RSA Conference, attended by the world’s leading cyber security companies.

Microsoft states that in order to protect users’ security at the highest level, a security application that covers both platforms and fluency is very important. In the statements made, it is stated that this is the main reason for moving the Defender application to mobile platforms.

The security of smartphones is one of the biggest problems of today. Hackers can infect various attacks, sometimes by infiltrating malware, sometimes directly into phones. The vast majority of these attacks result in theft of user data. Time will show how much Defender application that Microsoft will offer to smartphones can protect smartphones.

There are many different security applications on the Android platform. iOS is currently a closed system, so no external security application is used. It is nice that Microsoft releases a security application for Android, but it is a usual development, but it is a question of how exactly the security application will be released for iOS.


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