Microsoft Xbox Series X shared control panel changes


Microsoft exhibited the control panel and software interface it plans to use on the Xbox Series X. The software giant states that it has made significant progress on the speed increase, while mostly sticking to the interface used on the Xbox One today. There are also some new rounded user interface elements.

While the new dashboard design changes will also be available to Xbox One users, the upcoming Xbox Series X console will load the home screen section 50 percent faster than existing Xbox One consoles. Microsoft also reduces the footprint of the home screen, Guide and Store. This will consume 40 percent less memory on the company’s next-generation console.

These speed improvements will also affect the transition between games on the Xbox Series X. The main screen will load a third faster than it is today. The current Xbox control panel has been known as the source of speed problems for years. However, in recent months, just before the Xbox Series X launch, Microsoft has been gradually overhauling its overall user interface and elements.

In addition to speed improvements, Microsoft is also moving to easier readable text. At the same time, the corners of the interface elements are rounded and animations are overhauled throughout the dashboard. In addition to these, major updates are coming to the Microsoft Store. Testers are currently testing this revamped store look ahead of the Xbox Series X’s launch in November. Microsoft’s Xbox Guide interface is also renewed, with a more rounded look. Conversations and parties within the Guide are also collected in a single tab.

Microsoft Xbox Series X kontrol paneli değişikliklerini paylaştı [Video]

Sharing game video clips on an Xbox One has always been slow and frustrating. It seems that Microsoft will remedy this with its new control panel and “Xbox Experience”. Now when you save a game clip on your console, it will automatically be sent to your phone, making it easy to share with friends or on social networks.

All these updates will be rolled out in the coming weeks. Advances offered on the speed side will be better visible on the Xbox Series X. Microsoft has yet to reveal the exact day the Xbox Series X will be released. However, the company promised to launch the new game console in November.


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