Microsoft: Xbox Series X | S There will be a shortage of


Microsoft recognizes that they are having a massive demand for console and, in essence, there are more interested in buying an Xbox than the units available.

The launch of Xbox Series X | S is being historic for Microsoft. The debut of its new generation of consoles is registering a number of players above any other platform of the company and, due to different circumstances, there is no stock in practically the whole world. This situation of insufficient units will extend, estimates the North American firm, until April 2021.

In a meeting at Jefferies Interactive Entertainment, Xbox CFO Tim Stuart acknowledged this situation: “I think we will continue to see unit shortages as we move into the post-Christmas quarter, so we speak of Microsoft’s Q3, the first quarter of 2021 ”, which will end on March 31st.

The first quarter of 2021 will continue without sufficient stock of Xbox Series X | S

The manager expands with a little more certainty for the spring quarter, from April to June, when he expects that “our entire production chain continues to operate at full speed in the face of the months leading up to summer”, a period from which they expect to have a demand respite — given that fewer electronic products are sold that quarter — thus compensating the available supply.

Stuart does not shy away from saying that the next “4, 5 or 5 months” Xbox Series X | S units will continue to be below demand, but that does not mean that we will not see brief periods in which there are small surges. more stock. “We encourage you to check with your local businesses directly for more details regarding their availability,” he insists.

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Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, has apologized in a meeting held at GlitchCon this past weekend for having offered fewer Xbox Series X | S to stores than were actually requested.

Both consoles are already available worldwide and have an excellent reception by MeriStation in their respective analyzes, both Series X and Series S. If you have any questions about the differences between Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, we recommend taking a look to this article, where we review everything about both consoles and, above all, what makes them different.


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