Microsoft, Xbox Series X Price and Release Date


Microsoft has updated the Xbox Series X website. The company, which brought all the curiosities to light with the update, announced the release date, price and pre-order day of the Xbox Series X.

Announcing the price of the new console Xbox Series S with the statements yesterday, Microsoft detonated the big bomb today. The company has officially announced the price and release date of the long-awaited Xbox Series X. In addition, Microsoft announced when the new game console can be ordered.

Microsoft made an update on the Xbox’s official website and announced all the curiosities about the Xbox Series X on this site. According to the statements made by the company, gamers now know how much they will pay to own the Xbox Series X and when they can order this game console.

Xbox Series X to pre-order on September 22

According to the update by Microsoft, gamers will be able to order the Xbox Series X as of September 22. However, gamers won’t be able to get the Xbox Series X right away. According to the statements made by Microsoft, the deliveries of the Xbox Series X will begin in November. So there will be an exciting waiting period for the players for a few months.

Xbox Series X official release date: November 10, 2020

In fact, Microsoft Central had prepared an article for the highly anticipated Xbox Series X, announcing that this game console will be released on November 10. Statements made by Microsoft also confirm these claims. Microsoft says the official release date of the Xbox Series X will be November 10.

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Xbox Series X priced at $ 499

Microsoft also announced the curious price of the Xbox Series X on its updated website. The price Microsoft announced was the way it was promised for a while. Accordingly, users will pay $ 499 to own this console. Gamers will be able to choose to pay this price directly, or have this game console in 24-month installments through Xbox All Access.

Xbox All Access is a paid program that provides players with significant benefits. According to the statements made by Microsoft, players will offer players 24-month installments thanks to this program offered by bringing together Xbox Series X, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and Xbox Live. The company says this service is only available in certain regions for now, but the Xbox All Access service will be available in more countries in 2021.


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