Microsoft Xbox Live will continue with its new name


Microsoft is renaming the Xbox Live platform to “Xbox network”. Traces of the name change have begun to be seen by beta users on the Xbox control panel. Instead of “Xbox Live”, the name “Xbox network” appears in the uploaded clips. Microsoft also confirmed the name change.

The statement sent by Microsoft to The Verge website states the following: “’Xbox network’ represents the underlying online Xbox service. Changes have been made to this issue in the Microsoft Services Agreement. The reason for changing to ‘Xbox network’ instead of ‘Xbox Live’ is to separate the service from Xbox Live Gold. ”

The name Xbox Live was used by the company for 18 years. Larry Hryb, also known as Major Nelson, has long been referred to as “Xbox Live’s Major Nelson.” However, Hryb now refers to himself as “Xbox’s Major Nelson”.

Microsoft gave the hint of the Xbox Live name change with the update to its Services Agreement in August. At that time, the company denied the name change and the termination of Xbox Live Gold services. Although the price of Xbox Live Gold was increased instead, it soon reversed that decision.


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