Microsoft Xbox live game streaming issues


The Microsoft Xbox live stream had two technical failures in the US this week. The problems were noticed last Friday when users reported their connection problems. Microsoft later stated on Twitter that there was a problem with the pairing, group chats and group search sections.

On Sunday, there was a similar interruption that lasted longer than two hours. Users also pointed out that there are also problems logging into Xbox One devices, this time the problem is a bit more serious. On the page showing the Microsoft Xbox live status, there was still problems on the platform.

Today, they said, the matching and group chats sections have been fixed. However, no information about the group search section was shared.

People started to spend time in their homes to be protected from the epidemic. States emphasize that crowded areas, restaurants and shopping centers should be avoided. Many leagues have been canceled, and most businesses have moved from home to work.

As in everywhere in America, people started to spend most of their time at home. It seems that users prefer these kinds of platforms when they are at home. In this way, they can stay in communication with their friends online.

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