Microsoft: Xbox controller lawsuit won’t involve court


Microsoft took an important step against a class action that was brought against drift problems in its controls. According to the company’s lawyers, the case will no longer involve the Judiciary and will be concluded through arbitration, which basically dismisses the court and causes the private entity to resolve the conflict in question.

In April 2020, an open lawsuit against Microsoft accused the company of selling defective controls, whether for use on the Xbox Series S / X or on a PC. The problem was related to a flaw known as drift, which causes devices to manipulate analog devices in random directions and usually occurs in most used models.

In a statement, experts in the case said that they are dealing with the repair of damages in relation to injured customers, while investigating what may have happened to cause the controls to fail. So far, Microsoft has acquired a “sufficient volume” of devices sold in stores on its own and suggests, after a series of tests, that the drift was due to a flaw in the design of the pot.

“In general, the theory of these cases is that if the defect in the directional deviation had been disclosed, no consumer would have bought them,” said Benjamin Johns, a partner at the law firm CSK & D and the lead plaintiff in the class action, which handled the decision by arbitration as “end of the road”.

What do you think of the case? Do you believe that Microsoft has sold defective controls? Leave your opinion in the comments.


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