Microsoft Works on Voice Control for Windows 10X


Microsoft continues to work hard on the new operating system Windows 10X, which it will use on mobile and foldable devices. The company is working on the ‘Voice Control’ feature with a new project developed as an auxiliary technology.

Windows 10X is preparing to offer different features for dual screen or foldable devices in terms of versatility and accessibility. Microsoft is trying to extend Windows 10X beyond standard notebooks and mobile devices with a new feature called ‘voice control’.

A job posting by Microsoft that includes LinkedIn includes tips on what to plan for Windows 10X. The software giant is looking for a software engineer to have voice control on the operating system. Candidates who will work with the accessibility team for “superior voice control experience” in India and who have at least three years coding experience in C ++ are wanted.

“Since this is a new application, the number of coding challenges is high: taking advantage of conceptual services for voice command and control, identifying interesting components in the context of the application, interacting with the entire desktop, interacting with 10X OS in new ways within the scope of security and integrity,” Microsoft explains. ” statement is included. It is also stated that the new project is a brand new Assistive Technology for Windows 10X.

There is no further details on the announcement, but probably Microsoft will improve the digital assistant experience in Windows 10 X with the new voice control app. Microsoft is also looking for engineers to adapt Windows 10X to the Internet of Things (IoT), and it seems to be trying to move the new operating system beyond the desktop. Enhancements to voice commands may be related to Cortana, Microsoft’s digital assistant.


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