Microsoft Word will have word suggestion tool when typing


Microsoft is working on a tool for Word that will give users word suggestions as they type on the computer. The feature will be very similar to the one used by Google Docs, which “predicts” the words that the user is writing from machine learning.

The system will arrive for everyone in March, along with a software update. On a page dedicated only to the tool, Microsoft argues that the mechanism “helps users to write more efficiently, predicting texts quickly, timely and accurately”.

“It reduces spelling and grammar errors and learns over time to give the best recommendations based on your writing style,” adds the explanatory text.

The suggested words will appear in a lighter tone next to what is being written in Word. To accept the suggestion, just press the “Tab” key, and to reject the “Esc” on the keyboard, it can be activated.

The tool will also have the option to be turned off, as it may seem uncomfortable to some. Since the beginning of February, Microsoft has tested the feature in Outlook, the company’s email client.

In Google Docs it is called “Smart Compose”, or “Smart Composition” in free translation into Portuguese. The system has the same objective of streamlining writing and can also be turned on and off at any time.

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