Microsoft Word Online lets you convert audio to text


Traditional text input on a computer has always been done through this keyboard. Thanks to this peripheral you have written reports, emails or have communicated with other people, but all this can be done with other writing methods. And we are not referring to mobile phones, but to other tools such as the new Word function that transcribes everything you say to it.

Audio transcription comes to Word Online

You may have wanted a Word file to fill in on its own, without touching a key. This is practically impossible, unless you have software enabled so that your voice is transcribed directly into the document. And this is where the Redmond have made a breakthrough by having Word transcribe what you have into an audio file.

On the one hand, the dictation function was already present which listens to your voice, interprets it and writes it on the blank digital paper in front of you. But now Microsoft’s artificial intelligence is taking a step forward with the arrival of transcripts. This means that the application will be able to recognize several voices that intervene in an audio file and tell you what they have said.

It works with two methods: the most classic is live listening, in which you put the application to record and it discerns what is being said live. The second consists of the use of artificial intelligence by listening to a file that you have on your computer. That is, you can talk to someone, transfer the audio file to the computer and then transcribe it. Of course, the file format must be compatible and for that it must have the extension .mp3, .wav, .m4a or .mp4.

With this feature in mind, the Word transcript will be displayed on the right side of the screen and it will show what the two voices are saying and who is saying it. The best thing is that the transcripts are individual, that is, you can select if all the content goes to the archive or if you only need a few fragments. Also, these adopt the indentation and style of the rest of the file, although as you know, you will have the possibility to change the style as you need.

Dictation improvements

Introducing transcription isn’t the only thing Microsoft has introduced into Word. Now it is possible to give voice commands through dictation. This function will be used to command the AI ​​to, for example, make an entire sentence bold.


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