Microsoft Won’t Launch Windows 10X in 2021, Says Website


Microsoft: Announced in 2019, the new Windows 10X operating system is not expected to be released in 2021, as rumors previously indicated. Because of this, Microsoft would be working with a greater focus on Sun Valley, a major design update for Windows 10.

The information was released on Friday (7) by content producer Brad Sams on the Petri website. According to his sources, the 10X edition of the OS was placed in second place by the technology giant.

Among the reasons for the momentary withdrawal of the tool are market conditions. Sams recalled that it is very difficult to present new software for a market that is already very accustomed to Windows 10, which in 2019 was present on about 900 million computers around the world.

Another argument cited is that, according to people working within the company, the program is not yet ready to be delivered to consumers. According to the content producer, the feedback from people who were testing Windows 10X was not in line with the product that Microsoft is producing.

Even though it was left out, some system resources should be transferred directly to Windows 10. Sams mentions that a new user interface and app continers should arrive at the traditional OS at some point.

Sams also believes that, most likely, Microsoft should focus on Sun Valley, as at this point it is the “only thing left”. This update could be a way to revitalize Windows 10.

Sun Valley will be an attempt by the technology company to rejuvenate and improve the Windows 10 workflow. The promise is that windows, icons, the start menu, taskbar, battery usage graph and many other aspects will take on a new design .

There is no confirmation yet, but Sun Valley is expected to launch in late 2021.


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