Microsoft won’t buy Sega at Tokyo Game Show this year


Microsoft denies rumors and co-signs that it has no intention of buying Sega this year

Finally Microsoft has spoken and confirms that they have no plans to buy Sega this year which has disappointed many. While Microsoft has been acquiring studios from left to right in recent years, they made big headlines when they bought the parent company of gaming giant Bethesda last week from ZeniMax / Bethesda, a purchase that gives it control of millions of brands sold. like The Elder Scrolls, DOOM, and Fallout.

When you spend $ 7.5 billion on a company, it’s almost inevitable that people will start to ponder what their next step will be, and as you can imagine, the internet lit up with theories, the most notable of which was that Sega would be the next acquisition. from Microsoft and that the news will be confirmed at this year’s Tokyo Game Show.

After all, there were rumors a while back that Xbox systems would carry the Sega branding in Japan, so it’s not that far-fetched … is it?

From a tweet showing its Tokyo Game Show (TGS) line earlier this month, Microsoft noted that there will be “no” takeover announcements, that includes the most popular studio named in various reports: Sega.

Why would Microsoft want to buy Sega?

Microsoft has tried, with mixed success, to woo the Japanese market, in previous years the Xbox 360 hosted a ton of interesting games, from JRPG to shmups, while the Xbox One lagged behind and saw the cancellation of a large collaborative project. marquee.

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Microsoft’s Xbox One is currently the worst-selling of the three current-generation consoles, behind the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. While Sega is still a huge problem for Western gaming audiences, the company remains much more ubiquitous in Japan, where arcades and entertainment centers are still commonplace.

The exclusive right to publish Sega games and the formidable name recognition would likely boost Microsoft’s profile in a market where it has traditionally struggled.

Sega, which also owns developer Atlus, has a set of popular franchises that anyone else in the industry would envy, including Sonic the Hedgehog, Yakuza, Persona, and many more.

However, time will tell how Microsoft intends to boost its presence in the East, but for now, we will not see new acquisitions.


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