Microsoft Withdraws Its Last Update With Many Problems


Microsoft has announced that it has retired the independent security update KB4524244 after it has been found to cause problems on various systems. In fact, this update was supposed to address issues with the UEFI boot manager, but after many people reported that the patch had problems during installation and caused the system to freeze, the company announced that it was working on a new update.

Recognizing that the latest update for Windows 10 was problematic, Microsoft decided to withdraw KB4524244 and reported that it will not be available again in either of Windows Update, Windows Server Update Services or Microsoft Update Catalog.

It is good to remind you that the update was released on February 11 just a few days ago. In addition, Microsoft added that it fixed the issue that the UEFI boot manager might expose computers that are enabled to a security vulnerability.

In a statement on the support page for the patch, Microsoft said, “This standalone security update has been removed due to an issue affecting the subset of devices. Windows Update will not be available again from Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) or Microsoft Update Catalog. Removing this standalone security update does not affect successful installations or changes made on February 11, 2020 security updates, including the latest Cumulative Update, Monthly Rollup or Serucity Only Update. ” was announced.

Microsoft also shared the steps to follow to remove the update
The company also shared the advice with the users as follows: “If you have installed this update and are experiencing this issue, the following steps will help you reset your device:

Search for the Update History option after selecting the Start button or Windows Desktop Search. Then select View Your Update History.
In the Settings / Update History dialog, select the Updates section.
In the Installed Updates dialog, select the KB4524244 update and press the Uninstall button.
Restart your device.
Use the “Reset this computer” feature after rebooting. You should not encounter this problem later.
We are working on a version of this update developed in coordination with our partners and we will publish it in the future. ”

It is not yet clear when the new version of the update will be released, but it has also been reported to be working on. Let’s see how long Microsoft will fix the problem and let users know about a new update. We will continue to convey new information to you in the future.


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