Microsoft will not threaten Australia like Google


He made a name for himself for the steps taken for Microsoft and Google Australia. For Australia, where Google threatened to quit, Microsoft announced it would not be threatening. Microsoft has announced that it will never speak threatening to Australia.

Google made the threat in question based on a law that came up in Australia. It was stated in the law that the right to link to content is used by Google, and it includes Google’s payment to publishers.

Microsoft and Google made a splash in Australia

“One thing is very clear,” Microsoft President and Chief Legal Officer Attorney Brad Smith said in a statement. While other tech companies sometimes threaten to leave Australia, Microsoft will never pose a threat. “We are determined to support the country’s national security and economic success.”

Different comments from Microsoft and Google for Australia showed themselves. After Microsoft made a statement that it would not threaten, eyes turned to Google. Because it was stated that the usage rate of Google in Australia is 94.5 percent. Microsoft Bing is well behind Google at 3.6 percent.

It was reported that a phone call was made between Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Microsoft CEO Satya Nadelle recently. In this speech, it was stated that the Microsoft CEO clearly stated that there would be no threat. It was also reported that digital platforms such as Google and Facebook support Australia to make payments as they wish. It is stated that he thinks this is important for the democracy and economy of the country.


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