Microsoft Will Not Limit Windows 11 Installation On Older PCs


This Friday (27), Microsoft announced that it will not limit users who wish to install Windows 11 on older computers. Previously, the company had stated that the new operating system would have hardware restrictions for the devices, however, this barrier will only be presented to consumers who will use Windows Update to make the change.

This way, users will still be able to prepare an installation ISO with Windows 11 and carry out the process manually, as long as their computers meet the minimum requirements required. However, Microsoft also explained that this method should only be used by companies with the objective of evaluating the new system, since there is no guarantee of driver compatibility and feasibility of use.

Effectively, the announcement assures that millions of computers worldwide will not be incompatible with Windows 11. During the unveiling of the new operating system, Microsoft indicated that only Intel 8th Generation processors, “Coffee Lake”, and beyond would be supported. — creating general concern of a possible need for upgrading amid severe semiconductor supply crisis.

In this context, in addition to the new Windows 11 installation method, Microsoft has also stated that it is adjusting the new operating system’s minimum requirements to include more processors. Despite this, there are still some models that “will be left out”, such as all of AMD’s first generation Zen processors, incompatible according to an analysis carried out by both companies.

Fortunately, users will be able to get a better sense of the new requirements through the “PC Health Check”, which should be updated and adjusted to provide greater clarity in reporting, as Microsoft explains. You can check a preview of the program by clicking here.

Problems in use

As stated above, even if your PC does not pass the hardware test, it is possible that the machine will run Windows 11 after installation via ISO file. However, it is noteworthy that Microsoft only guarantees a high-end system experience on computers that meet the processor requirements.

According to tests conducted by the company with first-generation AMD chips from Ryzen, machines with incompatible processors tend to experience “52% more kernel errors”, while 100% compatible PCs deliver a virtually bug-free experience (only 0.2% of chances of serious failure).

For those who have an incompatible computer and are already preparing to install Windows 11 via ISO, the tip is to do the procedure at your own risk.


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