Microsoft will give trackpad support to Word


Microsoft Office is one of the applications that everyone has heard of at some point. Everyone who has a computer may have tried it at some time in their life, that is, the set of apps to work according to the type of document. This office suite has its own versions for different systems and one of them is iPad that will receive new support for trackpads.

Using the mouse in Excel and Word for iPad is now possible

When you have a tablet you know that you have full control of what happens on your fingers. With a simple press you can select a part or a whole paragraph, choose an application or slide on the screen to select its brightness level. These are some characteristics, but it serves as an introduction to what we are going to tell you now.

It turns out that Apple recently added the use of a pointer mode for iPad. This is great news because the device is already capable of accepting a wider range of devices, including wireless mice connected via bluetooth to the bitten apple device. Thus the control is much simpler and more precise in applications that require these characteristics.

This is the case of two that are present in the Microsoft package and are nothing less than Word and Excel that will have new support for iPad. According to Macrumors comments in their lines, the tests of this new function began by those of Redmond last week. This functionality will arrive in version 2.42. The media also points out that when using the trackpad, the cursor is shown as a circle on the screen and it changes to other shapes depending on the selected feature, something that happens in the two selected apps, such as selecting a text or a cell, where your computer pointer changes completely.

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