Microsoft will delight iPhone owners with its new Xbox app


Microsoft is releasing a major update for the Xbox app for iOS. With this update, Xbox One games can be reflected on iPhone. With the new Xbox application coming to the App Store very soon, remote play feature is coming. In this way, Xbox One console owners will be able to mirror their games to their iPhones.

The remote play feature is slightly different from Microsoft’s xCloud service. That service streams games directly from remote servers, not from the Xbox One console. The Xbox remote play feature is only connected to your Xbox console, not to xCloud. In this respect, it is similar to Sony’s own PS4 Remote Play feature available on Android and iOS devices.

You can access the Xbox console over Wi-Fi and even over LTE connection. Since this application takes control of the Xbox at home, it is possible to start the console remotely. Xbox works without any sound or Xbox light on the front. When the connection with the application is lost, it goes into standby mode after being inactive for a short time.

The new Xbox application had recently come to Android. This updated iPhone version includes the same design and new features. You can quickly download and share recorded game clips or screenshots while playing games on Xbox One or Xbox Series S / X game consoles. You can also manage storage space on the console and delete games.

It is also stated that the new Xbox application works much faster than the previous iOS version. It has also been remastered to match similar design changes across Xbox. All of this can be described as a preparation for the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S game consoles, which will be released in November. In addition, Microsoft has renewed the Xbox control panel with some design changes.

However, Microsoft’s updated Xbox application does not change the state of xCloud. Apple recently extended an olive branch to services such as Stadia and xCloud. However, according to the changed App Store rules, Microsoft is required to send hundreds of games offered via the cloud service and published to devices to Apple for approval. Microsoft had also shown that it was not very happy with Apple’s new rules.

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Microsoft is currently testing the new Xbox app with Test Flight members. This situation can be interpreted as the release of the final version of the application is imminent.


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