Microsoft Will Block Malware With A Feature That It Will Add To Edge


Microsoft started testing a new feature in the beta version of Chromium-based Edge. This feature analyzes users’ unwanted code in downloaded files and prevents downloading if it senses a problem.

US-based technology giant Microsoft recently launched the stable version of Chromium -based Edge , which it started working on a year ago, to consumers. With the same base and hence the same features as Google Chrome, the new Edge can now be experienced by consumers on smartphones, Windows and macOS computers.

Microsoft has begun testing a new feature that separates its browser from Chrome and is crucial for consumer safety in the beta version of Chromium-based Edge .

The new feature Microsoft has begun testing is about downloading malware . Microsoft will prevent malicious software from downloading to computers with a new security measure it is working on. If you say that this feature is also available in Google Chrome, you are right, but the ability to block malware downloads at Microsoft works differently than the similar feature that Google has. Because Edge will focus on the code inside the files, not the entire file.

Chromium-based Edge already uses a SmartScreen Filter for malware and phishing . However, the new security system that Microsoft is working on also prevents downloading data with potentially unwanted code . Microsoft thinks that this effective feature will prevent download of malicious ad tools and malware related to cryptocurrency mining.

The new feature of Microsoft Edge will not be available as a default feature . If you want to analyze the malicious code in your downloads, you need to access the “Privacy and Services” menu in the Settings section of the Chromium-based Edge and activate the settings there.

Microsoft says its new feature is more functional and provides more protection than the protection feature offered by companies like Google and Mozilla. It seems that Microsoft will continue to come up with features that will reduce the popularity of Google Chrome in the coming period with the new Edge .


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