Microsoft wants you to stop using Internet Explorer


If you had a computer 20 years ago you may remember Internet Explorer. It was the application that took you to the World Wide Web by default on your PC. Later the rest came, but this is the most famous. However, Microsoft does not have much appreciation for it or so it seems because it is doing everything possible to prevent you from using it again.

Microsoft wants you to forget about Explorer

If something works, why change it? This is the question that many ask themselves in order not to change what they have if they can still use it longer without problems. This not only happens in the world of electronics, it also happens in the applications that make up some of the devices you use regularly, such as smartphones or computers. In this sense, we have to stop at the latter and specifically in web browsers.

Following the line of the first paragraph, we have to talk to you about Internet Explorer, that well known to many who wanted to keep it on their machine. However, the Redmond people have done their best not to update it anymore, but also to use the new version of Edge based on Chromium. And there are many reasons to do so, including security, but Microsoft wants you to stop using Internet Explorer anyway.

The method that TechRadar has already put into practice is to directly prevent access to certain web pages. In total, there are 1,000 pages in which Internet Explorer sends you directly to Edge without the user being able to do anything, a drastic measure considering that it restricts user access to their websites. But this would be a ‘necessary evil’ since the advantages that Chromium brought to the new browser make it not only better software, but also safer and faster than its predecessor.

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