Microsoft Wants to Compete with Google Search by Providing AI Results with ChatGPT on Bing


Microsoft is reportedly working on integrating OpenAI ChatGPT into Bing to provide human-like responses when people use the search engine.

Since Microsoft launched Bing in 2009, it has failed to distract many users from the consistently popular Google Search, which was launched more than a decade earlier.

However, a recent report by a technology company from Washington may shake things up a bit.

It is reported that Microsoft is going to integrate OpenAI ChatGPT into Bing in the spring of 2023, which will allow the search engine to give its users answers similar to human ones.

Microsoft is reportedly adding ChatGPT to Bing

Over the past few weeks, the OpenAI ChatGPT project has gained huge popularity — so much so that traffic regularly causes the bot to crash — as it gives AI users answers to any random questions they manage to come up with.

According to The Information, Microsoft hopes to attract more traffic to Bing by integrating the project into its search engine.

The website reports that Microsoft is going to compete with Google in popularity by adding it this spring. They added: “Microsoft is preparing to launch a version of its Bing search engine that uses the artificial intelligence underlying ChatGPT to answer some search queries, rather than just display a list of links, according to two people directly familiar with the plans.”

Those who have been on the Internet for a long time may remember Ask Jeeves. Originally launched in 1996, users could search for something in the form of a question to get a direct answer from a butler-style avatar on the side of the screen.

At the time of writing, it is not known exactly how Microsoft plans to provide these human responses, so we will have to wait until it is released this spring.


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