Microsoft Viva’s four modules released in one package!


Microsoft Viva is available as of today. In this context, four Viva modules have become generally available. Here are the details…


Earlier this year, Microsoft began building the first employee experience platform (EXP) for the digital age with Viva. As of today, the company has rolled out all four Viva modules. In this context, Viva Connections, Viva Insights, Viva Topics and Viva Learning are now generally accessible. At this point, you only get the Viva package when you buy a plan.

Next year, the Viva suite will provide access to a new module, powered by the recent acquisition of, the leading goals and key results company, to help people and teams come together to build cohesion and achieve better.

Microsoft Viva promotional priceb

With the Microsoft Viva suite, customers get an integrated EXP that combines communication, knowledge, learning, resources, and workflow insights. The package has a promotional price of $9 per user. That’s 25 percent cheaper than buying three packs at once, or paying $12.

Customers who purchase the Suite model now will also receive the new module free of charge next year. At this point, Microsoft Viva offers an integrated experience.

Viva Connections

Viva Connections offers a curated and company-branded experience that brings together relevant news, conversations and resources across the apps and devices you use every day. Starting today, you can take advantage of the integrations of many industry-leading partners such as Workday, ServiceNow, Qualtrics, UKG and more.

Viva Insights

Viva Insights helps increase productivity and well-being through data-driven, privacy-protected insights. Today, Microsoft announced enhanced capabilities to assist executives and the team.

  • New executive insights and tools will help managers and team leaders stay connected with team members, track outstanding tasks, discover personal habits that impact team culture, recognize achievements, and encourage team norms such as no-meeting days through actionable recommendations.
  • Effective meeting experience in Viva Insights app for Teams will help meetings. At this point, organizers will receive personalized information and suggestions to improve meeting habits.
  • Guided meditations from Headspace will be available in four additional languages: French, German, Portuguese and Spanish

Viva Topics

Viva Topics applies AI to automatically organize content and expertise across your systems and teams on topics such as projects, products, processes and customers. This content appears as topic centers with AI-generated and updated topic pages that enable experts to develop and share knowledge with wiki-like simplicity. They also open as subject cards that provide information across Microsoft Outlook, SharePoint, and Office. Viva Topics, which will be generally available soon, will make it easier to get information from more sources.

  • By integrating Viva Topics into Outlook, Yammer, Bing and contact profile cards, it drives greater knowledge adoption across Microsoft 365.
  • Early adopters will soon be able to add their Viva Topics directly to chats and channels in Microsoft Teams.
  • More ways will be available for topic managers to moderate knowledge at scale, including automatic grouping of related topics into segments, usage analytics, and a simplified topic hub.
  • Support for browsing information from content written in French, German and Spanish.

Viva Learning

Viva Learning brings enterprise learning into the workflow by connecting content from your organization, Learning Management Systems, third-party providers, and Microsoft. Starting today, the module will be generally available on Teams desktop and mobile. It will come to Microsoft 365 in the next few weeks.

  • See assignments from Learning Management Systems to easily stay up to date on required learning.
  • Search through all learning resources connected to Viva Learning and filter by interests, provider and duration to find exactly the content you need.
  • Make learning suggestions to your team and colleagues and follow up on the suggestions you make. You can filter the suggestions by status and the user’s reported completion rate.
  • Add a selection of learning resources as a tab to your Teams channels to incorporate learning directly into the teamwork flow.