Microsoft urges you to update Windows 7 now


Those of Redmond give the first notice to prepare Windows 7 computers with the new paid update. Yes, Windows 7 still stands despite Redmond’s efforts to upgrade to Windows 10. But the firm makes things easy for those who have not switched to the new operating system, at least for a while. Of course, they force to go through the box when dealing with Windows 7 updates, which are already available and Microsoft urges that the orders begin.

Windows 7 can now be updated for the second time

Updates to an operating system are the great key to making it work properly. The computer not only receives improvements, it is also safer against cyber attacks. But when it comes to a very popular operating system, there are times when you have to make an exception as they have done in the Redmond offices.

This exception has a name and it is Windows 7, a software so loved that despite its years it is still very present in the memory of many. He has reached such a point of popularity that it has been necessary to “expand” his life for a few more years. This is why Microsoft has started the campaign to remind you that if you have a computer with this system you have to update it now.

As was anticipated last year, each upgrade has a price increase. This is an extra reason to switch to the new operating system, which, remember, does have free updates. In the advisory they say that “If your organization has not been able to update devices running versions of Windows to a currently supported version before January 12, 2021, ESU can provide security updates for those devices until January 11, 2022 , which helps protect those devices while you complete your Windows and Windows Server Upgrade Projects. ”

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The statement also refers to how important it is to update to Windows 10 with all its benefits, specifically the Defender service as antivirus.

How much does it cost to update Windows 7 this year?

As we mentioned before, Windows 7 can now be updated but going through the box. Each year the quota is increased, with the Pro version having an extra charge that costs double. For this reason, if last year 25 or 50 dollars were paid this year, 50 or 100 euros will have to be paid. Of course, this will be the second update and the penultimate that Microsoft will release to improve the system.


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