Microsoft updates with Android TV support and more


Microsoft today released a major update for its Remote Desktop on Android offering a visual redesign of the application, as well as a series of new features that promise to make life easier for users and make the experience even better. Some of the changes had already been released on iOS, which received the redesign last month.

According to the update notes, the application was rebuilt from scratch, using the same code present in the versions for iOS and macOS, in addition to having its entire interface redesigned, abandoning the orange present on all pages by the white color with some orange details .

Other highlights include support for Android TV, allowing users to access the computer without leaving the couch, possibility of transferring connections and settings from the old version, compatibility with virtual machines through Windows Virtual Desktop and even integration with Microsoft Authenticator, for security management when a connection to a virtual machine is made.

The new version is now available for download through the Play Store, with its old version still available as Remote Desktop 8. It is worth remembering that the company had already announced today the new version of the Xbox Store for its consoles, with promises of speeds twice as fast. high when compared to the currently available version. The Redmond giant has also started testing with a new version of Bing, which could end up being renamed Microsoft Bing.

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