Microsoft Updated Mobile Version of In-Stream Video Sharing Application Stream


Microsoft updated the mobile version of the Stream app for iOS and Android in 2017, replacing Office 365 Video. With the new update, Stream has become much more functional.

US-based technology giant Microsoft has been working extensively on mobile applications for some time. Microsoft has recently updated the Office applications it offers for smartphones, and has now updated the Android and iOS version of the application “Stream”. Users will be able to use Microsoft Stream much more effectively with the latest update.

Microsoft launched its Stream application in 2017. Stream, the successor of Office 365 Video, is a corporate video sharing service. Organizations can upload, view, edit, and even share various videos via Stream. The latest update from Microsoft allows to improve the sound quality on Steam and improve integration with other products from Microsoft.

The mobile version of Microsoft Stream did not allow video footage in previous periods. The latest update also helps to take videos through the phones’ cameras. Users can also switch cameras during filming, add comments to their videos before, during and after recording.

The new update offered by the developer team, which continues its work for Stream, includes common features for iOS and Android. In addition to all these features, users will be able to trim the videos they shot on the iOS version of Stream. This feature is not currently available in the Android version of Stream. Microsoft has not yet announced whether this feature will come to Android.


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