Microsoft Updated the iOS Interface of Office Applications


Microsoft has recently said that it will change the design of its mobile applications. The technology giant, which updates the Office applications developed for the iOS platform, now offers simpler and speed-oriented applications.

“Office” is one of the services provided by the US based technology giant Microsoft to the users. Consumers can edit dozens of documents and perform various calculations through Microsoft’s Office applications. Office applications, which were only available for the PC platform when it was released years ago, are now available on smartphones.

Microsoft recently made some explanations about the Office applications it developed for smartphones and announced that the appearances of those applications will be changed. The technology giant has kept its promise and changed the interfaces of the Office applications it offers for the iOS operating system. In this way, users can now use Office applications that have a simpler design and speed-oriented.

Microsoft has overhauled all three Word, Excel and PowerPoint applications developed for the iOS operating system. The renewed interface offers a more comfortable experience for consumers using Microsoft’s Office apps via their iPhone. Because Microsoft has completely eliminated the appearance crowd in its applications.

To be clear, the new version of Office applications does not bring many functional features. Even users will see a change only in Excel from mobile applications developed by Microsoft Office for iOS. This change is a function named “XLOOKUP” added to Excel. Consumers will be able to search their data in a document more comfortably under this feature.

If you are using Microsoft’s Office applications on iOS or iPadOS, you can update your application immediately. After updating through the App Store, you can start experiencing the new design of Office applications. If you have tried these applications in the past but you have not gotten used to it, it may be useful to take a look at the new design.

Note: If you want to use Microsoft’s Office applications on the PC platform, you need to purchase the applications. However, there is no such requirement in mobile versions of Office applications. If you just want to continue a file that you started on PC from your smartphone, you need to buy “Office 365”. Apart from that, you can use Office applications for free without any payment.


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