Microsoft Unified All Office Applications In One Application For Android


Microsoft has developed a new Office application for the Android ecosystem. This application combines all Office applications and collects them under one roof. The app, currently available in the Google Play Store as a beta version, seems to make things much easier for consumers.

US-based technology giant Microsoft is now concentrating on mobile versions of Office, one of its popular services. As you may remember, the company recently updated the designs of the Office applications it developed for iOS, offering consumers a simpler experience. Now, Microsoft has made a significant change to the Office apps it has developed for Android.

The major change Microsoft has made for the Android ecosystem has brought Office applications together. So Android users will now be able to access all Office applications through one rooftop application. When login to this application; Word, Excel, and Powerpoint will appear individually, and users will tap on the app, whichever one they want to use.

Microsoft’s Android app on Android looks like this now
It has been known for a while that Microsoft was doing such a study. The company even released a preview version of the new Office to some consumers last November. Completing its works in the current period, the company distributed its renewed Office application through the Google Play Store. While it is currently available as a beta version, the new Office app seems to make things easier for many users.

The new Office application, available on the Google Play Store, allows you to quickly take notes as well as basic functions. The feature, which is also compatible with the application called “Sticky Notes” in Windows 10, allows you to access your notes from anywhere.

Office applications such as Word, Powerpoint and Excel developed by Microsoft for Android are already in the Google Play Store. With the arrival of the new application, we can say that old applications may not be preferred as much as before. Because users will now be able to access all Office applications using just one application. However, Microsoft has not made any statement regarding the fate of older Office applications.

There is another wonder about the roofing application that Microsoft has developed for Office. This is whether a similar application will come for iOS as well. No explanation has been received from the Microsoft front. If you want to experience Microsoft’s new Office application, you can use the link here.


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