Microsoft trying to persuade you to use ‘your phone’


Microsoft has launched a new promotional video for the “Your Phone” app for Android and Windows 10. The app promises control over the smartphone right from the computer, and offers even more interesting features for models of the Samsung Galaxy line.

From “Your Phone” you can answer and make calls, send messages, check notifications and even use applications – if your device is compatible. The app is designed to optimize the flow of access between the computer and the cell phone, even offering “drag and drop” systems to copy messages, links or even photos.

On the Samsung smartphone, integration with Windows 10 is even more advantageous. Using “Your Phone” it is even possible to transmit the mobile screen in real time, making it especially useful while the smartphone is distant or to manage any smart home device directly from the computer.


However, the app’s compatibility on other devices is frustrating. The experience with the application is not pleasant, both on the phone and on the computer; be it with duplicate notifications, an unresponsive interface, slow and confusing menus and key features missing or not working.

Anyway, the Microsoft app can improve with future updates and please Galaxy smartphone owners. Check out in this article how to use the “Your Phone” app on Android and Windows 10 and share your opinions about the app in the comments section.


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