Microsoft tried to buy Nintendo in 2000


In an article to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Xbox (completed now in 2021), the Bloomberg website published an article with several curiosities about the evolution of the brand within Microsoft. A curious detail is the mention that, at the very beginning, the company made an offer to buy Nintendo.

“The first company that we contacted for purchase was EA, but they said ‘no thanks’. Then we met with Nintendo to see if they agreed to buy. They just laughed wildly. Think of a time when someone starts laughing and laughing, that’s how the meeting happened, ”said Bob McBreen and Kevin Bachus, Microsoft executives.

It was also said that Nintendo executives came to visit Microsoft’s headquarters in 2000, and on that occasion Microsoft tried to join efforts with Mario’s house to develop games for the first Xbox – the argument used was literally to say that the video game from Nintendo was worse than the PlayStation in an attempt to make them give up on this market (at the time, the dispute was between GameCube and Playstation 2).

Other proposals

At the time, there were mention of two other companies that Bill Gates’ company tried to acquire: Square Enix (at the time still known as Squaresoft) and Midway Games. However, the former found the offer made too low, while the other was even interested, but the deal no longer made sense to Microsoft.


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