Microsoft: Trial Version Of Edge Lets You Follow YouTube Creators


Microsoft: A more recent version of Edge, released by Microsoft on its Canary developer channel, allows browser users to follow their favorite creators on YouTube. Spotted by Reddit user “Leopeva64”, who noticed a new follow button in the address bar of YouTube pages, the tool could be the start of a deeper integration between the browser and the video platform.

According to the redditor, the “Follow Creator” button allows you to check both the list of creators you follow, as well as the most recent posts made on YouTube, just by clicking on the corresponding option in the three-dot menu of the “Collections” submenu. And to unfollow, just hover your mouse over the blue checkmark and once the “Following” button appears, click on it.

Which sites will get the “Follow Creator” button?

Since the developer of Edge Canary only noticed the presence of the “Follow” button on YouTube, even having visited other news sites, it is possible to imagine that Microsoft is testing the new feature on a small number of sites for now. Even within YouTube, the functionality is still not supported by all creators on the platform.

The new functionality is very similar to an experimental feature announced in May 2021 by Google that allowed developers of the Chrome Canary program to use a “Follow” button to get the latest content from sites they followed. This kind of RSS extension within Chrome, plus the similar new feature in Edge, seems to indicate that “loyalty” is becoming the buzzword.