Microsoft to Uninstall Cortana from Many Devices


US-based technology giant Microsoft has announced it will begin removing its virtual voice assistant Cortana from many devices. The company, which will revise its voice assistant, will focus more on productivity.

When it comes to virtual voice assistant, first comes to mind Google Assistant and Siri and then Microsoft’s Cortana. However, Microsoft is in the process of reassessing its voice assistant Cortana.

The technology giant announced in its announcement that it will close Android and iOS apps and will end support for Harman Kardon Invoke smart speakers. The company also said it will remove original Cortana functionality from Surface headphones.

Microsoft will renew Cortana

These changes will come to life in the coming months. From now on, Microsoft will focus on being a productivity assistant rather than being an alternative to Google Assistant or Alexa in its voice assistant. These changes were implemented earlier this year in Cortana’s Windows 10 version.

As we said above, Microsoft, which wants to make Cortana more productivity oriented, will revise its voice assistant as part of Microsoft 365 software. Windows 10 functions in Outlook and integrated Cortana features and Teams applications work as substitutes. However, it has fewer features than the original Cortana, which has functions such as music integration and smart home control.

The technology giant thinks that having more features will produce a better product to complement the already existing software and will not be in direct competition with companies like Google and Amazon.

The company announced that after the removal of Cortana, Harman Kardon Invoke will give users a $ 50 gift card with speakers and a $ 25 gift card to users with original Surface headphones.

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