Microsoft To End Teams Support on iOS 13 and Below


In October, Microsoft will end support for the Teams app for iPhones running iOS 13 or lower. The company announced the move to the Microsoft 365 Administration Center, says OnMSFT, and from the moment this happens, there will be no more updates for these platforms.

Those who keep the solution installed on their smartphone will be able to take advantage of features that have already been implemented, even if they do not have future improvements or unprecedented protection features. In any case, big tech will make new installations on devices with the aforementioned operating systems unfeasible.


Few people will be affected by the discontinuity announced by Microsoft, since, according to Apple, on June 3 this year, 90% of the brand’s devices produced in the last four years run iOS 14 – and escape, for now, from the “abandonment”.

“We recommend that you upgrade your OS to newer iOS versions, in which we will continue to invest our resources. We will also start encouraging the public to install newer versions of Teams if they are running builds older than a year,” says the giant.


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