Microsoft to announce plans for Bethesda this week


Microsoft recently completed one of the important approval processes for its purchase of ZeniMax. The software giant also seems ready to give more information about the benefits of this acquisition for Game Pass subscribers. According to the news of the VentureBeat site, Microsoft will share details about Bethesda in its video presentation on Thursday.

It is stated that the company will focus on games suitable for transfer from ZeniMax’s extensive catalog to Game Pass at this event. ZeniMax’s catalog includes popular games such as Bethesda signed Elder Scrolls and Fallout, iD Software signed Doom and Quake, Arkane signed Dishonored and Prey.

It is curious what decisions Microsoft will make about playing these games on other platforms. Xbox chief Phil Spencer previously told Bloomberg that Bethesda would stick to its deals with Sony for Deathloop and Ghostwire: Tokyo. Explaining that Starfield will come to Xbox, Windows PCs and Game Pass, Spencer also stated that they will make a special decision for each game regarding the arrival of games to other consoles.

Microsoft and Bethesda are planning to hold independent events as part of E3 next summer. The sales process is expected to be completed by this date.


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