Microsoft TikTok’s Initiative to Buy U.S. Operations


The claims that Microsoft wants to buy TikTok have been officially confirmed. Publishing an official statement, Microsoft stated that TikTok is only attempting to purchase US operations. Moreover, this decision was recorded as a result of the negotiations with the President of the USA, Donald Trump.

US-based technology giant Microsoft is currently on the agenda with a very interesting issue. In a news article we told you a few days ago, we stated that Microsoft will purchase TikTok, one of the most popular social media of recent times. In fact, immediately after that, allegations of Microsoft stopping the negotiations to take TikTok were brought to the agenda. Now there has been another development on the subject.

According to official statements by Microsoft, the company is seriously concerned with purchasing TikTok’s US operations, which is now in ByteDance’s hands. In fact, it has been officially announced that this kind of initiative. In other words, the situation, which has been in the scope of the claims for a few days, is now official. Moreover, we can clearly say that the President of the USA is Donald Trump.

Microsoft wants to buy the U.S. division, and then Canada, New Zealand, and Australia operations, not the entire TikTok. If that happens TikTok, in other countries, including Turkey, will continue to adhere to China-based companies Bytedan as before:

U.S. President Donald Trump’s view of Chinese companies is now known to everyone. Trump believes that Chinese companies are working with the government, and this also leads to security issues. Trump even stated in his first statements on the subject that he would ban TikTok within the borders of the USA. Apparently Trump was unable to do such a thing. As such, Microsoft was commissioned to purchase TikTok’s US operations.

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Microsoft’s initiatives may not be limited to the US alone. Because in the statements made; It is stated that TikTok’s Canadian, New Zealand and Australian operations can also be purchased. So Microsoft can buy all the rights of TikTok in various countries besides the USA.

According to statements from Microsoft’s official blog site, company CEO Satya Nadella launched an attempt to purchase TikTok after a meeting with US President Donald Trump. Moreover, according to the information in the blog post, the frequency of Trump and Microsoft is compatible. So Trump will have solved something he wanted to do but couldn’t do using Microsoft.

The level of negotiations between Microsoft and TikTok is currently unknown. Also, how much Microsoft will pay for this purchase remains uncertain for now. However, according to Microsoft, there may be some companies whose names are not mentioned in this purchase. In fact, Microsoft states that these companies can be TikTok’s shareholders, provided they are a minority.


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