Microsoft Testing Dark Mode Interface for


Microsoft started testing dark mode for the search engine Dark mode, which has become popular in browsers, is also spreading on websites. However, Microsoft has not yet officially announced the dark mode interface.

With dark mode interfaces increasingly widespread in recent years, the most popular applications in the world also offer dark mode interface preferences to its users. With browsers like Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge now having a built-in dark mode interface, it’s also a matter of time for many websites to have a built-in dark mode.

The next website, which is expected to have a dark mode interface, seems to be Microsoft’s search engine Judging by the images shared by a Twitter user, Microsoft started testing the dark mode of for users who love dark mode interfaces.

Dark mode has not been officially announced yet’s dark mode has not been officially announced yet. It is stated that the company has tested the new dark mode interface with a limited number of users located in the USA. Microsoft announced a few days ago that it had tested a new logo for

The new dark mode seems to have spread across the entire search engine, including search results. This is exactly the same dark mode that already exists in Bing’s official practice. It is not clear when Microsoft will turn on dark mode for all users, but considering its tests, it may be considered that it will be opened to wide use soon.

The new Bing logo is actually seen as an expected development. It appears as a much more modern logo under the influence of Fluent Design, the design language developed by Microsoft in 2017. The logo no longer has sharp corners and curved lines. The new design adds depth to the logo. At the same time, the logo does not look much different from the existing Bing logo. Microsoft has not yet officially announced the new Bing logo. The company seems to be holding the new logo for A / B testing with a small number of users. The A / B test is known as a user experience research methodology.


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