Microsoft Teams wants to get an edge over Zoom


Perhaps the biggest accident of the quarantine process was Zoom. Zoom, which is under the scrutiny of many companies that provide the same service, gains important competitors in order to lose advantage over other applications. One of them is Microsoft Teams. The application, which recently announced several different features, is now gaining a trump card against Zoom. Microsoft Teams offers the opportunity to talk 24 hours a day.

Microsoft Teams stands out in the web version with 24-hour talk

With quarantine status declared again in various parts of the world, people will move their jobs back to their homes. As such, applications such as Zoom, Google Hangouts, Microsoft Teams, Skype and similar applications, which are the biggest helpers in moving the heated meetings home, will be actively used again. For this reason, it is trying to incorporate some of the advantages in Zoom or some of its deficiencies in popular applications.


Microsoft Teams is now available free of charge for 24-hour calls in a browser. The biggest advantage of these video chat applications is that they offer services free of charge. Thus, they can reach millions of people.

Microsoft is opening up the middle to attract Zoom fans to Microsoft Teams with the new all-day video calling option available for free. Let’s see if he can incorporate thousands of people with this feature.

You know Microsoft introduced Microsoft Teams for mobile devices earlier this year. Now it offers a feature that allows you to talk to up to 300 people all day for free.

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