Microsoft Teams: updating improves the experience


Microsoft has released updates for Microsoft Teams on Android and iOS. The communication platform received new functionalities in both mobile operating systems in order to improve usability in smartphones.

The edition of the Android application received only one change, but that can make a difference for regular users of the service. The platform now allows you to receive calls from all accounts you are logged in to, including profiles that are not active.

For iOS users, the list of changes is different and bigger. The application for iPhones and iPads now follows the theme used in the system interface and also has better search results.

In addition, Teams users on iOS can now join rooms during group meetings on the platform. The update also allows you to access the options for a meeting through the details tab.

Microsoft is already distributing updates for Teams on both platforms. After the update, the Android application is displayed in version 1416 /, while the new edition of iOS is marked as 2.3.0.

Recently, Microsoft also launched a major improvement for Teams on the computer version. The desktop application now allows you to recap past meetings.


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