Microsoft Teams: Update Will Allow You To Record Meetings Automatically

Microsoft Teams will finally receive a function to automatically record calls. The novelty should start arriving on the platform in the next major update that will be released by the company, according to Windows Latest.

The meeting recording tool will allow you to capture calls completely and automatically. The novelty will start capturing the images at the beginning of the call, notifying the users present to avoid privacy problems.

Microsoft has not yet said when the update will be available to Teams users. However, the company has already confirmed that it is working on the automatic recording function and intends to bring the novelty to the service as soon as possible.

“We share the update as soon as possible,” said a company official at the User Voice forum, dedicated to opinions on Microsoft Teams. It is expected that the next major update of the platform will be released later this month.

It is worth remembering that Microsoft Teams already has a tool to recap meetings since January. However, the function that saves meeting information was launched only in the Windows app and cannot be enabled automatically.

The meeting recording tool will be useful for Microsoft Teams users in both the professional and education segments. With the novelty, it will be possible to view past meetings or recover missed classes that were held on the platform, for example.

In addition to the recording tool, more news is on the way to Microsoft Teams. Soon, the platform will also receive an “out of office” notice that it will display to co-workers when the user is unavailable.

Earlier this year, Microsoft also released news for the platform on mobile phones, improving usability on Android and iOS.



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