Microsoft Teams Now Has Message Translation On Smartphones


Microsoft announced the release of a new feature for its Teams platform capable of making meetings between multilingual teams even easier: embedded message translation will now also be available on mobile devices, in addition to the current desktop.

Revealed this Monday (31) in two roadmaps of the Microsoft 365 Roadmap, which provides all updates to the company’s products, the feature integrates a broad accessibility boost initiated by Microsoft at the beginning of the pandemic, in March 2020, to ensure the globalization of the platform, with features such as: live captions, transcription and new types of visualization.

Promised for Android and iOS users, the tool is expected to reach all smartphones in July. The idea is for all users to translate posts and channel responses into their preferred language. “To translate a message, press and hold the post or reply and select ‘Translate’,” explains Microsoft.

Encouraging the exchange of talent

By bringing Teams translations to mobile devices, Microsoft creates an important tool to reduce communication failures, in addition to delivering a powerful tool for those who use a second language in their work to better understand the messages received.

Since the spread of home office across the planet due to sanitary restrictions, companies have discovered a new international pool of talent. But this exchange brings with it some questions about the main communication.

With built-in translation capability coming to every smartphone, you can participate in Microsoft Teams group chats in any environment. The resource can also become a tool for contacting international partners and customers.


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