Microsoft Teams Launches a Feature to Improve Reading

Microsoft Teams: Teachers have adapted as much as possible to teach remotely due to the coronavirus. In each house they have also adapted to use the devices by installing different applications so that all members do not lose their productive day. In the case of the little ones, Microsoft Teams has been a great help for students and teachers and now it will be even more so with the arrival of a new function to improve reading.

Reading progress on track for Teams

Learning to read is one of the most basic things that every human being learns when he is young, at least in a native language. Improving this ability is not only a matter of vocabulary, but also of a better comprehension and fluency capacity. In the end, this is a matter of practice, but it never hurts to learn those unfamiliar or difficult-to-pronounce words.

And this is where Microsoft kicks in with a new feature. It turns out that the Redmond company has developed an enhancement with which it is possible for students to improve their reading ability. Based on what appears in the company’s video, students must enable both the camera and the microphone for the app to collect data.

Its operation is based on the teacher sending a text to his students and they must read it, like typical school reading assignments. The only difference is that a machine collects how students read and evaluates their speed, reading accuracy, and those words they enter in the text, those they omit, and those they include that are not in the text.

Charts to see progress

As we told you, reading progress is a tool for children to improve their speed when reading. The best thing is that the teachers receive the data in graphs that determine the progress of the children in this matter. This way it is easier to rate the progress of each one and establish better guidelines for them to improve in this task.

This new feature is in the testing phase, so it will take a while to reach the rest of the world as another feature of Microsoft Teams. Meanwhile, the little ones will have to use books and the pdf texts they have on their devices to improve their reading ability even if there is no one to rate them.



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