Microsoft Teams grows 37.5% in one week thanks to Coronavirus


The quarantine caused by the Coronavirus has changed the work habits of many people, and Microsoft has seen one of its main services, Teams, have a wave of growth because of the popularization of the Home Office. According to data released by Microsoft, the platform grew by almost 40% in the number of users in just one week.

On March 11, the company had disclosed that Teams had 32 million active users. This past Wednesday (18), the number was updated to 44 million, shortly after some platform features became free. That is, the platform achieved a growth of 37.5% in just seven days, and the reason for this was the Coronavirus, according to a statement from the firm.

“COVID-19 has impacted the lives of people around the world,” said Jared Spataro, Microsoft’s corporate vice president, in a statement sent to CNBC. “Our customers adopted Teams during this challenging period and we expect peak usage in the markets most impacted by the Coronavirus.”

According to Spataro, the number of Teams users in the Netherlands has risen 14 times over the past week, while Spain has generated 10 times more access to the platform in seven days. The growth should consolidate the corporate service in the market and guarantee an advantage in relation to Slack, main competitor in the business communication market.

According to CNBC, the last time Slack released its total number of users was in October, when the platform was used by 12 million people daily. The startup recently announced that it had 7,000 new customers on its paid plan during February 1 and March 18. The number represents a huge growth for the company, which normally gains about 5,000 new premium users per quarter.

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Still, the service is still behind Teams. Microsoft’s online work platform is included in the Office 365 suite, which has more than 200 million active monthly users, according to figures released by the company at the end of last year.


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