Microsoft Teams gets update with several new features


Microsoft Teams has just been updated to add new features, in an attempt to become even more useful at a time when distance collaboration has become so essential. Microsoft itself recently announced that all of its events will be migrated to the digital platform by July 2021.

The crisis of the new coronavirus, and the consequent quarantine decree in several countries around the world, changed the daily lives of hundreds of thousands of workers, who are currently working from their homes.

So platforms like Microsoft Teams have seen a significant increase in the user base in record time. The video below gives a brief idea of Teams features:


New Teams Features
Microsoft recently released the use of Teams free of charge (as a measure to lessen the negative impacts generated by the covid-19 pandemic) for work teams around the world. Now, the company is taking advantage of the app’s popularity to make it an increasingly viable option, with the addition of new features.

See some news of the new version of Teams:

Possibility to change the background image during a videoconference;
Multi-window function, which allows you to use a window for each chat;
Interoperability with Skype (this function must be enabled by the organization responsible for creating the team);
Expansion from 5,000 to 10,000 members per team;
Possibility to join a conference via browser, opening or downloading the app;
Two-factor authentication and permission settings for channels and file access.
If you want to know more about Microsoft Teams and how to use it, we have an article that serves as a guide for beginners.


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