Microsoft Teams Gets Free Personal Version Focused on The Family


Microsoft Teams: Microsoft released on Monday (17) a new personal and free version of Teams. Available from today for users around the world, the novelty arrives for computers, apps for mobile devices and for the web version. The idea is to integrate important functions of Teams, but with a focus on friends and family.

According to Microsoft, you will not need to download any additional applications to use the features. The personal version of Teams includes support for video calls, group chats and an area dedicated to organizing routines, trips, tasks and more.

To use the new version, simply touch the user’s profile picture and select the business or personal area. In addition to adding family members to the app, Teams will also be able to make suggestions for contacts to join these spaces. There, there are two main navigation tabs: chat and panel.

In the dashboard area, you can create and monitor calendars, point tasks to other people, share your location, or do more common things, like saving notes, adding Wi-Fi passwords for easy access, and more. Among the resources, it will be possible to create basic surveys and share their results in a family group, for example.

The company says it will be possible to turn ordinary messages into tasks. If a user mentions in the group that it is necessary to buy bread, for example, another one may assign it as a task for someone to carry it out.

More interactive teams

The novelty makes the application a central organization and interactivity in a single place, but without “abandoning” the business version or mixing the two. Christy Hughes, director of the Microsoft Modern Life division, says that the novelty should not interfere or create conflict between the two versions. Teams “family” will be available to everyone, she explains, but existing users will have the option of using it or not.

According to the executive, Microsoft has to “understand what people are using” and adapt its tools. In video calls, for example, the company brings the Juntos mode, which brings together people from a call on a thematic wall. Everything so that the participants feel in the same environment.

Other functions that will also be available in the familiar version of Teams include sending live reaction GIFs and emojis. The company also cites that, even if the user misses a call, it will be possible to access the chat to follow a conversation.


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