Microsoft Teams for life comes to mobile phones


Microsoft has started releasing the personal version of Teams, a corporate application developed by the company. The novelty brings extra functions to the platform that promise to facilitate access to personal life within the business app.

The version of Teams with personal social network elements was announced a few weeks ago, but Microsoft has made no fuss about distributing the app. According to Windows Central, the company sent a link via email to users of the platform to download the new edition for Android and iOS. If you have not been awarded, you can make a request on the company’s website.

According to the company, the update allows users to organize family and work matters in just one place, just switching between personal and work profiles. Like the corporate version of Teams, the novelty uses a Microsoft account for registration and information such as e-mails, contacts and calendar.

The difference between personal and professional use is due to some changes in the interface. The profile for Teams family and friends has a more traditional chat and is not based on threads, as in the business version of the app.

In addition, Teams for personal life also features a group calendar, file sharing and location options. Finally, it is also possible to access the camera and make calls within the app.

It is important to note that Teams for personal life is still in the development stage. Therefore, the platform may undergo changes in the coming months, after the company receives opinions from users.

The news present in the Microsoft app can be used for free on Android and iOS, but Windows Central points out that the company may end up making personal resources exclusive to paying users. On the Microsoft 365 website, the company says that “currently the new Teams tools do not depend on a subscription”, opening up for possible billing in the future.

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