Microsoft Teams Earns History of Profile ‘Compliments’


Microsoft will carry out an update on its Teams communication and collaborative work platform, offering a new functionality for the Praise app, known as Praise in English, which will bring a history of praise sent and received from each user. The initiative is still under development and will be implemented in November, but there is no specific date.

Currently, compliments can be sent via an extension in the message bar or via Teams’ Viva Insights productivity app. With the new tool, six months of history will be saved and available for viewing in Viva. According to the MSPowerUser portal, a link will be included in the compliments as a shortcut for profiles to be able to monitor their lists easily.

That said, it is noteworthy that the compliments are a kind of only positive feedback and do not allow assigning grades to professionals. However, role can become another worker evaluation metric. Microsoft has yet to say whether employees will have access to peer data.

Also according to MSPowerUser, the new feature can be disabled by administrators, but the absence of history also results in the end of praise as message extensions.


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