Microsoft Teams Brings Automatic Translation for PowerPoint Slides


Microsoft Teams: The next update to Microsoft Teams will feature automatic translation of PowerPoint slides during conferences. The tool converts the content of a presentation to the user’s language into private views.

The resource is available in 19 languages, including Portuguese, Arabic, German, Chinese, Spanish and English. However, the option can only be enabled if the presenter uses the PowerPoint Live option during the meeting on the platform.

Using the Teams Slide Translation Feature

To enable slide translation in Microsoft Teams, the user needs to click the menu (…) during the conference. Then, one must select the option “Translate Slides” and then choose one of the languages ​​from the list.

If the user wants to see the content in the original language again, just follow the same procedure and select the Default option. Thus, he will continue watching the presentation in the presenter’s language.

Certainly, the new Teams tool will be particularly useful in meetings with multilingual teams. As well, participants will be able to follow the contents without the need to interrupt the presenter.

As per the Microsoft 365 update roadmap, the feature is being rolled out to users slowly. Therefore, some people will still not have immediate access to the slide translator.

Facilitating communication between teams in Teams

In May, Microsoft announced a package with several improvements aimed at communication between work teams. This includes live captions and transcription during meetings and new types of content views.

Another example is the message translation tool added to the mobile version of the software. Previously, this same functionality was only available for computers.


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