Microsoft Surface Pro X 2020: powerful tablet is here


One of the most versatile options to improve your productivity is to opt for a 2-in-1 device. We refer to those small computers that have a touch screen and that you can fold to hold like a tablet and work standing up. There are many options on the market, but one of the most powerful and attractive in design is the famous Microsoft Surface. Today we are facing the arrival of a new device that is none other than the renewed version of the Microsoft Surface Pro X of 2020.

The essence of the Surface Pro X endures

Some device manufacturers do not hesitate to return to last year’s design to renew the range. And we do not mean that from one model to another a tracing is used that no one would say is another version of the device. This is what happens when we take a look at the device that Microsoft has released today. And it is that the predictions that we would see a new Surface Pro X in October have been fulfilled.

We only had to wait for the change of the month to have it in our hands, and the aesthetic section is nailed to that of its older brother. We have a new tablet that has a 13-inch PixelSense screen with two USB C ports, Surface Connect port. Its casing will have two colors: the classic black and a silver-gray color characteristic of the Surface family.

As for the interior, there are significant changes that will make you opt for this option. The configuration is maintained with the 16 GB of RAM in addition to the 512 GB of removable maximum internal space. The big surprise is in the processor, which is an SQ2 in which it has worked with Qualcomm to achieve an efficient chip in energy and data transfer. It also has its own modem, but to the surprise of many it will not come with 5G integrated.


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