Microsoft Surface Pro 8 And Surface GO 3: Features And Price


Microsoft has had its moment of glory today. The firm has presented its new portable devices to the world, highlighting the new tablets that it will put on the market. Here we have to talk about the Microsoft Surface Pro 8 and the Surface Go 3, which are already the first devices with Windows 11 already incorporated as standard.

This is the Surface Pro 8

The segment of tablets is very defined, although there are companies that despite the external simplicity of these devices we find great genius. At Microsoft we find a number of devices that fit this description if we take a look at their new batch Surface 8 Pro devices.

Those of Redmond have presented today in their personal event the new version of their new tablet. This will mount a 13-inch extension screen of the PixelSense type with no less than 120 Hz refresh rate. At the top of one of its small frames we find a perfect camera for making video calls as well as some studio microphones to improve the audio quality. In the part of the base we find the magnetic hooks to place the cover with keyboard, mouse and the hole for the Surface Slim Pen 2.

If we focus on the pencil, it will have magnetic attachment and charging technology, which will help you never lose it as long as you keep it in its pocket. On the other hand, you see a patch bay on the right side with a card reader, Thunderbolt 4 ports, and the typical power hookup. At the back, as a sign of identity, is the flap that comes out of the back and that serves as a support as a “lectern mode.” It also has a small camera on top.

Inside the Surface Pro 8 we find the new batch of Intel Evo 11 processors. The company claims that the processor is capable of moving heavy files and meeting the most demanding games, but for this it will depend on a 16 battery Hours of use. Along with the processor there will be no less than 32 GB of RAM and it will have the help of a new ventilation system that will keep everything cool.


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