Microsoft Surface Pro 7 wins Apple M1 comparative ad


The MacBook Pro with Apple M1 was launched at the end of last year marking Apple’s new phase, now producing its own computer processors. Based on the ARM architecture, the same used in smartphones, the new MacBook surprised by the very high level of performance and the relatively wide compatibility with x86 apps, which do not lose as much performance even when running through emulation.

Apple’s new gamble has put pressure on companies like Intel, which is being demanded of by investors, and hassled rivals such as Microsoft, which has just released a new commercial in an attempt to draw public attention to its Surface line. The advertisement, which lasts 30 seconds, extols the advantages of Surface Pro 7 over MacBok Pro with Apple M1.

The first advantage pointed out by the young presenter is that “The Surface comes with a Stylus”. The Microsoft laptop does indeed have compatibility with the Surface Pen, aiming to deliver greater creative freedom, but it is necessary to buy the accessory separately, not being included in the package.

The second advantage is related to the format of the devices, a very positive point of the device with Windows. Compact, the Surface Pro 7 is basically a tablet that offers versatility, being compatible with a removable keyboard (also sold separately) and bringing a touchscreen, with a support at the rear.

Microsoft also highlights the performance and compatibility of applications, such as games, for example. This point has mixed elements: in fact, there are major limitations in relation to a large number of apps on the MacBook, but even the emulation method has proven to be quite effective. Anyway, those looking for games should really be more satisfied with the Surface.


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