Microsoft Surface Duo coming up with durability complaints


Microsoft Surface Duo was announced last year and went on sale some time ago. The Surface Duo, which immediately attracts attention with its dual-screen design, seems to be in the shadow of the software experience that is not fully ready yet. The physical defects brought about by the design of the phone, which is sold for a high price, are gradually taking place on the agenda. Some question marks have also arisen about the durability of the device, which is very difficult to repair.

For a while, Zach Nelson of JerryRigEverything had put the Surface Duo through endurance tests that he always did. Although the phone survived these tests, it seemed more logical to describe it as “surviving the seriously injured.” Even though the plastic case squeaked and flexed quite a lot, it avoided completely splitting in two due to the hinge system. Recent news raise questions about the durability of the hinge.

Problems experienced by Surface Duo owners with the hinges of their devices have also started to appear on platforms such as Reddit. While one of the users stated that the upper hinge is not working anymore, many people stated that they encountered a situation such as the mechanism not closing at times. Considering the structural integrity of the Surface Duo, it can be easily said that this is annoying for users.

Compared to truly foldable phones like the Galaxy Z Fold 2 or Motorola Razr, the Surface Duo’s hinge system is quite simple. While this simplicity is thought to increase durability, things don’t seem to go as planned.

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The complaints about the Microsoft Surface Duo are not limited to the hinge system. The plastic frame around the USB-C port is also reported to break even when a very low force is applied. In order to prevent these complaints, it seems that Microsoft needs to make a design change, just as it did on time.


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